Het Stenen Tijdperk
Gereedschappen en technieken van onze voorouders

Archaeological experiments

Conducting and facilitating archaeological experiments is a growing part of my work. I am not a specialist in one specific skill, but over the past 20 years I have become proficient in a wide variety of skills. I can advise on practical aspects of scientific experiments, conduct experiments alone or as part of a team or simply provide replicas and materials.

Because of my skill set and my experience with stone age technology in the field, I can provide insight in the various ways a certain result can be obtained and in the interrelationship of technologies.


Rotsschildering Erongo Mountains


Stenen werktuigen gevonden in de Kalahari


Over the years I have worked with various scientists:



Kralen van eierschalen, Kalahari


Rotsgravures in Erongo



In some cases the experiments mentioned above have led to some form of publication. I mention only those to which I have contributed as author:


In their turn, publications lead to papers: